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No more neck pain when climbing thanks to safety glasses from YY Vertical

Looking up while belaying causes neck tension for many. This can be remedied by using safety glasses - for example from YY Vertical.

Climbing finches of the competition athletes: La Sportiva Solution Comp

The Climbing Shoe Solution Comp by La Sportiva is fully geared towards indoor climbing and competition style.

Hangboard / fingerboard - more than just boards

If you want to optimize your finger strength for climbing, you can hardly avoid a hangboard in the long term. These training devices are available in all possible forms and materials - now also fully digitized. We'll show you what to look out for when buying.

Will there be more wet snow avalanches in the future?

Climate change contributes to the fact that natural hazards occur more frequently in the Alpine region. Peter Bebi is researching these developments at the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF in Davos. In an interview, he explains to us what dangers will look like in winter in the future and how we, as mountain sports enthusiasts, can take care of the snow.

The best of both worlds: the Reach 12 backpack from Blue Ice

Which backpack type is good for climbing? Which one for trail running? The Reach 12 from Blue Ice combines both worlds.

Crampons: You should know these three systems

Not all crampons are created equal. Fabian Reichle from Bächli Bergsport explains the most important differences to you.

Little frills, a lot of performance: The LVS Powder BT from Pieps

The wintry mountain world is impressive and offers a lot of new things in summer: ski tours, snowshoe hikes or ice climbing, to name just a few sports. Unfortunately, snow-covered peaks also harbor a real risk of an avalanche. Especially with the current snow conditions. Life-saving equipment in an emergency is essential. Above all a reliable avalanche transceiver. We introduce you to the Powder BT from Pieps.

Ski touring for beginners: tips for getting started

Have you got the ski touring bug? Here you will find tips for getting started in the world of ski touring and answers to the most pressing questions.