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Yannick Flohé climbs Ticino classics Ephyra (8C+) and From Dirt Grows the Flowers (8C)

Yannick Flohé has made a brilliant start to the new climbing year: in Ticino's Bouldering Mecca Chironico, he climbed two tough test pieces in one day on January 24th: Ephyra (8C+) and From Dirt Grows the Flowers (8C).

Aidan Roberts and Will Bosi unstoppable

Strong, stronger, Bosi and Roberts. The two climbers currently seem to be able to do almost everything they set out to do. Recent examples: Will Bosi repeats Forgotten Gem (8C) and Ephyra (8C+). With Veccio Leone Sitstart (8C+, FA), Aidan Roberts decodes a bouldering problem that greats like Bernd Zangerl tried to solve 15 years ago.

Giuliano Cameroni climbs Ephyra (8c +) in Chironico

This video shows Giuliano Cameroni during the third ascent of the boulder Ephyra (8c +) in Chironico, Ticino. The line was first climbed by Jimmy Webb and repeated by the Italian Niky Ceria.

Niky Ceria boulders Ephyra (8c +) in Chironico

The Italian Niky Ceria climbs one of the most difficult boulders in Switzerland: Ephyra (8c +) in Schattental, Chironico.

Video: Jimmy Webb manages first ascent of the 8c + Boulders Ephyra in Chironico

Ticino is currently the post office. Almost weekly heavy new lines are first arrived. The latest coup succeeds the American Jimmy Webb with the commission of Ephyra (8c +) in Chironico.