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Seb Berthe flashes trad classic Le Voyage (E10, 7a)

Seb Berthe manages the flash ascent of Le Voyage (E10, 7a). The Belgian is the first to succeed James Pearson's route in this style. In addition, he may also be the first climber ever to flash such a difficult trad route.

Will eGrader solve the UK grading scale problems?

The British rating scale, its complexity and, above all, its further development have been the subject of lively debate for years. Tom Randall, Neil Gresham, Steve McClure and James Pearson recently developed a tool called eGrader to make it easier to grade routes.

Trio of women climbs Big Wall Tour Rayu (610m, 8c) | DiGiulian, Soderlund & Harrington

Sasha DiGiulian, Matilda Söderlund and Brette Harrington manage the first women's ascent of the difficult big wall route Rayu (610m, 8c) in the Picos de Europa in Spain. Opened in 2020 by the Pou brothers and Kico Cerdá, Rayu climbs the steadily increasing south face of Peña Santa de Castilla.

Sits well: This is what you need to know about climbing harnesses

The climbing harness is the link between the body and the rope. In addition to being part of the elementary safety equipment, it must also meet ergonomic and functional requirements. These vary depending on the vertical discipline. Therefore, we take a close look at the many facets of harnesses and show which model is suitable for your next climbing adventure.

Two years after her fatal fall, Molly Mitchell returns and climbs Crank it (5.13+ R/X) Trad

In October 2020, while trying to climb the route Crank it (5.13+ R/X) Trad, Molly Mitchell fell from a height of XNUMX meters and fractured two vertebrae in her lower back. Less than two years later, she returns to the scene and confronts her demons.

Appointment with Death: Filip Babicz climbs one of the most dangerous gritstone routes rope solo

Appointment with Death (E9, 6c) is one of the boldest routes in English gritstone. Filip Babicz recently secured the fifth repetition of the line. Unlike the other climbers before him, he brought neither a crash pad nor a climbing partner.

Babsi Zangerl in one of the toughest trad routes in France (Le Voyage, E10, 7a)

In 2021, Babsi Zangerl climbed the mentally demanding trad route Le Voyage (E10, 7a). In the video, she takes the viewers into the sandstone wall, which has just enough structure to climb on and lay the most necessary safety devices.

New line at the Siren Tower from Schüpbach, Della Bordella and Welfringer: Forum (840m, 7c)

The trio Silvan Schüpbach, Matteo Della Bordella and Symon Welfringer manages the second ascent of the Siren Tower on the new Forum line (840m, 7c).



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