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Climbing news in video format: broadcast BETA

The makers of ActiontalkTV and LACRUX are launching a joint online TV format. The Beta program appears monthly and provides news, background stories and exclusive interviews from the climbing scene.

Alexander Megos: First ascent of the 9c route Bibliographie in Céüse

The German professional climber Alexander Megos successfully climbs the route Bibliographie in Céüse. Alex suggests 9c as the level of difficulty for the route. It is only the second 9c in the world.

Barefoot climbers Charles Albert and Seb Bouin project Ratstaman Vibration (9c?)

The French professional climber Seb Bouin and his compatriot Charles Albert visited the sport climbing Mecca Céüse to plan the Ratstaman Vibration route.

Philipp Geisenhoff scores Mr. Hyde (8c +) in the sport climbing area Céüse

The young Basel climber Philipp Geisenhoff gets the commission of the 8c + rated route Mr. Hyde in the French sport climbing area Céüse.

Jernej Kruder in Three degrees of separation - Céüse

At the beginning of the year, Slovenian Jernej Kruder won a gold medal at an IFSC World Cup for the first time in his career. Jernej's recipe: He climbs as much as possible...

Piotr Schab succeeds 8c (Baby Boy) first ascent onsight - and more

Piotr Schab trundled from climbing area to climbing area for two months this summer and made short work of difficult routes. For example with the...

Margo Hayes climbs biography again 9a +

Yesterday, Margo Hayes climbed the route Biography (9a +) in Céüse, France, which was first climbed by Chris Sharma. A little over half a year ago, the American wrote...

Alex Megos climbs Jungle Boogie in Ceüse

With the cadence of Alexander Megos, almost 50 percent of our reports are about the German athlete. Today Alex announces the successful ascent of the Ceüse classic Jungle...