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Daniel Woods roars himself to the 9a boulder / This is how to warm up

The latest issue of the news program BETA is devoted to the topic of ring ligament rupture and how to prevent it, deals with two potential 9c candidates and takes a critical look at Daniel Woods' video of the 9a boulder ascent.

Stefano Ghisolfi projects 9c-Route bibliography

A few days ago Stefano Ghisolfi went to the French sport climbing mecca of Céüse. His goal: to try the 9c route bibliography.

Video: Margo Hayes inspecting biography (9a +)

Margo Hayes was the first woman to climb the Biographie (9a +) sport climbing route in Céüse, France. Reel Rock is now releasing a short film about the inspection of the then 19-year-olds.

The Céüse sport climbing area has been saved

Céüse will not be blocked! The project of the European Space Agency ESA described in the broadcast of April 1st is fictitious.

The sport climbing area Céüse is threatened with closure

The European Space Agency ESA is planning a new research site in Europe, in the middle of France - on the Céüse plateau. Climbing could be over by 2030. What is behind it and what can we do about the project?

Film: Alex Megos climbs bibliography (9c)

This film tells the story behind the first ascent of the world's second 9c route by Alex Megos: Bibliography

Sébastien Bouin on biography - the first 9a + route in the world

The French top climber Sébastien Bouin visits historically significant climbing areas and routes as part of his video series Vintage Rock Tour. For the latest edition, he went to Céüse and tackled the Biographie route (9a +)

Marco Müller, Philipp Geisenhoff and Alex Rohr give full throttle in Céüse

The climbing scene gathered in Céüse. Marco Müller, Philipp Geisenhoff and Alexander Rohr were among the party.