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David Firnenburg gets an inspection of the Jungfrau Marathon (9a) in Gimmelwald

Swiss-based German professional climber David Firnenburg climbs the 9a Jungfrau Marathon route in the Bernese Oberland.

Professional spin-Nicolas Hojac climbs Samurai (8c) in Unterwald

He is not only fast with crampons, but also strong on the rock. Swiss professional alpinist Nicolas Hojac scores points on the 8c route Samurai (8c).

Beni Blaser scores the climbing route Elfe an der Handegg

The Bern climber Beni Blaser manages the redpoint ascent of the route Elfe (8c / +) at the Handegg.

Cédric Lachat wins the first replay of Fly (8c, 550m)

The Swiss Cédric Lachat secures the first repetition of the difficult multi-pitch route Fly on the Staldenflue in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. A few weeks ago, Cédric Lachat launched his...

Cedric Lachat climbs Gimmelwald Classic Jungfrau Marathon in the fourth attempt

Sport climber Cedric Lachat from western Switzerland has once again managed to climb a tough route: He climbs the Jungfrau Marathon near Gimmelwald in the Bernese Oberland. Almost a week ago...

Adam Ondra climbs 8c onsight while filming at Gimmelwald

After a stay in Romania, Adam Ondra spent a few days in the Gimmelwald sport climbing area in the Bernese Oberland. The reason for his visit was sometimes a film shoot...

New alpine tour at the Schreckhorn: joyfulness

Thomas Senf and Martin Reber opened a new multi-pitch tour in an alpine setting with Freudenschreck (6a+, 485m) on the Schreckhorn. The Freudenschreck route runs through the...

Silvan Schüpbach opens two routes on the Gross Wellhorn

Silvan Schüpbach from Bern opens two difficult multi-pitch tours on the north pillar of the Gross Wellhorn. Adrenalinchiubi (7c, 7b obligatory, 250 meters) and Röck u Zöpf (7c,...


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Hanging Syndrome: Why Free Hanging Can Be Deadly

Hanging syndrome: Why hanging freely in a harness after a fall can be fatal and what climbers can do about it.

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The training experts Patrick Matros and Dicki Korb will show you exercises for hip problems. Today: The ACT Squat.

Dave Graham: Back in top form after ring ligament injury

The American professional climber Dave Graham has had a turbulent climbing year - time for a summary.

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Red dot and pink dot are no longer differentiated in the same way as before. We asked various climbing professionals why.
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