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Film tip: Hard routes, greasy holds, long departures – Kruder & Piccolruaz during deep water soloing

In this video, Lacrux TV accompanies climbing professionals Jernej Kruder and Michael Piccolruaz during deep water soloing. A must see!

Michael Piccolruaz repeats Sharma-Kingline Alasha | including video interview

Professional climber Michael Piccolruaz is the second climber to repeat Sharma's Kingline Alasha, the most difficult DWS route in the world.

Jakob Schubert: "The hottest climbing trip of my life"

This video shows Jakob Schubert inspecting the deep water soloing routes Alasha and Es Pontas on Mallorca.

Chris Sharma on Deep Water Soloing Expedition

Mallorca is the ultimate DWS spot. The potential for new rock ledges and routes seems almost unfathomable. Last summer, Spaniard by choice Chris Sharma set out expedition-style to explore new spots. Now there's the video for his kayak adventure.

Interview: Jakob Schubert about the DWS inspection of Alasha

During his most recent climbing trip to the deep-water soloing paradise Mallorca, he managed one of the most difficult routes of its kind: Alasha. In an interview, Schubert reveals what the ascent means to him and how he approached the route.

Jakob Schubert climbs Deep Water Soloing Route Alasha

The Austrian Jakob Schubert manages the first repetition of one of the most difficult deep water soloing routes in the world: Alasha (9b) near Port de Sóller.

Interview: Siblings Julija and Jernej Kruder give full throttle at Deep Water Soloing in Mallorca

Jernej and Julija Kruder spent most of October in the deep water soloing paradise of Mallorca. The two managed hard ascents, despite difficult conditions....



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