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Shauna Coxsey becomes the first woman to climb 8B+ in Gritstone with The Boss

Shauna Coxsey is The Boss: The Brit is already conquering her third 8B+ line with the boulder of the same name in the Peak District.

Stasa Gejo boulders Mécanique Élémentaire (8B+)

The strong Serbian Stasa Gejo proves in the French bouldering Mecca Fontainebleau with an impressive ascent that she is one of the strongest boulders in the world. She succeeds in her long-term project Mécanique Élémentaire in the Recloses Sud sector and thus her first 8B + boulder.

First women's ascent: Janja Garnbret climbs the Boulder Iron

Just on International Women's Day, Janja Garnbret announces the first women's ascent of the Bouldering Iron (8b +) in the Maltatal. The Slovenian once again underlines her extraordinary strength.

Michaela Kiersch climbs her first 8b+ boulder with Hailstorm

The fact that Michaela Kiersch is a strong climber has been known since her ascent of the Sharma route Dreamcatcher near Squamish. In Ogden, Utah, she recently underlined that the American is also at the forefront of bouldering. There she climbed her first boulder of this difficulty with Hailstorm (8b +).

Laura Rogora unstoppable: 8b + onsight, 9a red point and more

The Italian professional climber Laura Rogora does not seem to be able to stop. At the beginning of the month she wrote climbing history with the ascent of the Erebor (9b / +) sport climbing route. Never before has a woman climbed this degree. She used the past weekend again to make headlines.

Slovenian Vita Lukan climbs 8b + (Geminis) onsight

The Slovenian Vita Lukan climbed the Geminis route in Rodellar, Spain, with a level of difficulty 8b + onsight.