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Film about the first female asbestos ascent without additional oxygen by Lydia Bradey

This film deals with the celebration of Everest by Lydia Bradey in the year 1988. She committed the highest mountain in the world without additional oxygen

Video: When crocs are the solution for a hard climbing route

Two female climbers desperately project a route to their limit. Until they climb the route in their Crocs. See for yourself.

Video: Nicolo Balducci walking the Trad route Gondo Crack (8c)

About a year ago, the young Italian Nicolo Balducci managed to commemorate one of the world's toughest trad routes: Gondo Crack (8c) in the Cippo sector near Gondo, Switzerland. Now the video of the ascent and the story behind it is online.

Swiss film premiere: Weather Stein ridge with Michi Wohlleben

On the 10. December 2019 the film Wetter Stein Grat with Michi Wohlleben is performed for the first time in Switzerland: Kultur am Gleis (KUGL), movie start 19.30 o'clock.

Climbing film Rotpunkt - Alex Megos

The film Rotpunkt shows the strengths and weaknesses of the German exceptional climber Alex Megos and tells the story of the origin of Rotpunktkletterei.

Film about the speed inspection at the nose by Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell

2018 set a new speed record on the nose for Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell: 1 hour, 58 Min and 7 Sec. Here's the trailer for the movie.

Video: Jacopo Larcher and his visit to the world's heaviest Trad route (Tribe)

Jacopo Larcher managed in March 2019 the first ascent of the world's heaviest Trad route: Tribe. This video tells the story behind the ascent.

Record tour of the Wetterstein Council: 70 kilometers, 7000 altitude in 40 hours

On the 25. July 2018 realized the German Professional Mountaineer Michi Wohlleben a record ascent: He made the Wettersteingrat in just 40 hours.