Practical training boards for on the go

In addition to the mental and technical aspects, finger strength is also key when climbing. We introduce you to two portable training boards for at home, on the go or for warming up. With these you can easily train for a better climbing performance.

Golfer's Elbow: This helps with elbow overload | balancing training

Together with the training experts Patrick Matros and Dicki Korb and the climbing doctor Volker Schöffl, we will show you three preventive exercises to prevent symptoms of overload in the shoulder joint and one to "treat" climbing-specific symptoms of overload: the golfer's elbow

This is how you improve your foot technique

Foot technique is often given too little attention when climbing. Today we take a closer look at a common mistake that creeps in among both beginners and advanced climbers with climbing pro Dave MacLeod.v

Yoga series for climbers: step up higher, spread out further

As part of our yoga series, we present you with yoga exercises at regular intervals that are tailored to the needs of climbers. The exercises will be presented by Prana and Petra Zink. In today's issue, Petra shows you the pigeon exercise, which stretches your glutes and at the same time loosens the sacrum and lower back.

Stronger on the go in steep terrain: This exercise helps

Front lever cycling is a simpler form of slope balance. With this exercise you train your body tension very intensively. This is particularly useful when climbing steep and overhanging routes.

13 yoga poses to warm up for rock climbing

Yoga is great for warming up before bouldering or climbing and keeps your body flexible. Transian and yoga teacher Adrian has put together a few simple asanas (yoga exercises) that help mobilize your body, restore mobility and help relax tense muscles.

Thanks to this exercise, your core will become stronger and more flexible

The windshield wiper is a pull-up bar exercise that works your obliques and core mobility. At the same time, you also strengthen the straight abdominal muscles and improve the tension in the entire upper body.

Bibliography climbed on Kilterboard | Video with Megos, Hanke & Midtbo

In a recently published video, Magnus Midtbo attempted the most difficult boulder on the Kilterboard. Now Alexander Megos and Chris Hanke are doubling with a new video.

Tips from the pro: Four steps to a better underhand grip technique

The Japanese Tomoa Narasaki is one of the strongest boulderers in the world. In this video he reveals the best way to hold underhand grips and what to look out for.

Yoga exercise for climbers: start better thanks to quad stretch

We'll show you the quad stretch exercise, which stretches your thighs and hip flexors so you can climb higher.

Yoga series for climbers: With this exercise you improve your shoulder stability

As part of our yoga series, we present you with yoga exercises at regular intervals that are tailored to the needs of climbers. The exercises will be presented by Bächli Bergsport and Petra Zink. In today's issue, Petra shows you how to use lateral support to strengthen all of the muscles that stabilize the shoulder girdle.



Michael Piccolruaz repeats Sharma-Kingline Alasha

Professional climber Michael Piccolruaz is the second climber to repeat Sharma's Kingline Alasha, the most difficult DWS route in the world.

5 perfect autumn climbing spots in Tyrol with sixth and seventh levels of difficulty

For the upcoming climbing autumn, we present you 5 perfect autumn climbing spots with routes in the sixth and seventh French degrees.

Eiger north face – beyond death | Film tip

The world-class alpinists Stephan Siegrist and Thomas and Alexander Huber want to create a memorial to their unfortunate climbing friends with a new route on the north face of the Eiger.

Team Japan dominates in Wujiang, Pilz and Megos on the overall World Cup podium

Exceptional climber Sorato Anraku crowns his outstanding season in Wujiang. Jessica Pilz and Alex Megos with overall medal.

Gietl and Scherl complete the “Watzmann-Zugspitze Marathon” in just over 21 hours

Simon Gietl and Alexander Scherl conquered the “Watzmann-Zugspitze-Marathon” by fair means in just over 21 hours.