Trail Running

Training tips for trail running

Training for trail running: Today we'll show you which principles you should keep in mind during your training.

Is trail running the perfect training for alpinists?

Trail running as training for alpinists: Today we'll take a closer look at whether and how running has benefits for mountaineering.

Trail running equipment: what do you need?

In this article you will find out what you need to get started with trail running and what you should pay attention to when it comes to equipment.

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Katherine Choong climbs La Fiesta de Los Metallos (8b, 200m)

Verdon testpiece repeated: Katherine Choong repeats the difficult multi-pitch route La Fiesta de Los Metallos (8b, 200m).

Sonnie Trotter wins 9a bet against Honnold and Caldwell

Sonnie Trotter repeats the 9a route Spirit Quest and wins the Gentlemen's Race against Honnold and Caldwell.

Niky Ceria's silent hunt for Sardinian kinglines

Join the quiet explorer and bouldering specialist Niky Ceria as he discovers new high-end boulders in Sardinia.

German Bouldering Championship | Info & Livestream

Here you can find the live stream and all important information about the German Bouldering Championships on June 14/15 in Pfungstadt.

This climbing rope is significantly more cut-resistant Mammut Core Protect Rope

More cut-resistant thanks to the aramid sheath: With the Core Protect Rope, the Swiss mountain sports equipment manufacturer Mammut is setting new standards.