Fabric softener for climbing: The Clipstick

Opinion article: Markus Hutter is convinced that clipsticks have contributed massively to the dilution of ethics in climbing.

Adam Ondra on ethical dilemmas in climbing | Video interview

Style debate: Adam Ondra on preclipping, the influence of kneepads on difficulty levels and chipping & gluing.

James Pearson dares to rate E12 for Bon Voyage – Why he exposes himself a second time

After much consideration, James Pearson awards the grade E2 for the second time. Which leads him to make Bon Voyage the hardest trad route.

«What Harila does is announcement mountaineering at its finest»

With the establishment of mountain tourism on most of the eight-thousanders and all of the Seven Summits plus a few other mountains, the required alpinistic skills have been reduced to almost zero. By alpine skills I mean independent climbing, acting and making decisions on the mountain. Everything that used to be required on these mountains has now largely become superfluous thanks to the technical infrastructure on the mountain. It is enough if you learn to walk with crampons in the base camp and to attach yourself correctly to the fixed rope.

New climbing holds in Hachioji: Dangerous & unfair?

The international climbing association IFSC presented climbing holds in a video today that could be used for the first time in an official competition. But the handles are not well received by many. Why?

Fixexen - Will the rock face become a consumption arena?

Guest author Markus Hutter expresses his exciting and stimulating thoughts on the subject of fixexing on rock in this article.



Katherine Choong climbs La Fiesta de Los Metallos (8b, 200m)

Verdon testpiece repeated: Katherine Choong repeats the difficult multi-pitch route La Fiesta de Los Metallos (8b, 200m).

Sonnie Trotter wins 9a bet against Honnold and Caldwell

Sonnie Trotter repeats the 9a route Spirit Quest and wins the Gentlemen's Race against Honnold and Caldwell.

Niky Ceria's silent hunt for Sardinian kinglines

Join the quiet explorer and bouldering specialist Niky Ceria as he discovers new high-end boulders in Sardinia.

German Bouldering Championship | Info & Livestream

Here you can find the live stream and all important information about the German Bouldering Championships on June 14/15 in Pfungstadt.

This climbing rope is significantly more cut-resistant Mammut Core Protect Rope

More cut-resistant thanks to the aramid sheath: With the Core Protect Rope, the Swiss mountain sports equipment manufacturer Mammut is setting new standards.